Many agencies will offer you a combination of insight, strategy and creativity. Some may even provide all three. But few will combine those disciplines with such a comprehensive understanding of psychology and behavioural economics. This enables us to provide revealing insight that goes far deeper than traditional statistical evaluations.

Attraction has been studied scientifically for decades, yet research in this area doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of attention it warrants and is often left hidden in academic papers. It’s perhaps not surprising then that the vast majority of consultants and creatives, when faced with choices on how to attract, often rely on their own experience and intuition, rather than considering established psychological theories and practices.

It is not uncommon for people to believe they already possess an intuitive understanding of psychological principles, simply by virtue of living life and interacting with others. As a result they’re less likely to learn and to consult psychological research when making decisions. This over confidence often causes people to miss golden opportunities. 

At Laws of Attraction we always look to apply our knowledge of interpersonal relationships and the science of attraction to brand strategy, thus deliver a greater return on investment.

In order to understand this thinking effectively and what it means for your business we employ the following research methods to understand both conscious and subconscious emotional perceptions. 


• Brand audits  • Focus groups  • Mystery shopping • Customer centric surveys • Gamification
Interviews • Away days • Online Observations • Field research • Qualitative research



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