We believe that employees are the most important component of the brand mix. So much so that they can literally make or break a business. We have overwhelming evidence to show that the relationship a business has with its colleagues and contractors is fundamental to the customer experience and top line growth.

We have invested heavily into the science of interpersonal relationships, to understand how they are formed, maintained, and why they sometimes break down. We have discovered that long-term relationships with collegues, customers and contractors form the foundation of every successful business and the foundation of any successful relationship is communication. 

Strongly aligned communication helps to develop a supportive and reciprocal culture. The best example of this is a functional family unit; helping, supporting and communicating with one another every day, so they don’t just survive – they thrive.

Family life is about sharing stories and emotional experiences that create long-lasting memories. These kindred relationships are built on trust, love and kindness, and empower individuals within the group to learn and grow. We believe business relationships should be no different. 

We offer a range of services to support this thinking as outlined below. We have also developed an advanced business technology app called Vibe, which helps to measure the happiness and wellbeing of your workforce. Vibe delivers insights into the risks and opportunities and provides reports on both the psychological and financial value.  


• Internal communications • Performance algorithms • Valuation models • IP definition and protection • Change programmes

• Reward and recognition • Leadership coaching • Mergers and acquisitions  • Training • Brand guidelines



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