Good causes that are close to our heart


Over the years we have supported several front-line charities that help people with mental health issues with a range of business and marketing services.

We have several projects that require investment, funding or support in the form of either time or money for a campaign or specific project. The benefits for you could be;

  • Creating unique content for your brand
  • Learning and development opportunities for your staff
  • Developing empathy within the community
  • Feel-good factor

We are constantly motivated by the dedication of the leaders and employees of these charities as they help those who need it the most in our community. If you would like to arrange a time to talk to one of our specialists to see how you could collaborate then please contact us. We are looking for corporate sponsors as well as talented people who can get involved in delivering a wide range of projects including internal and external events, documentary films, photoshoots, websites and advertising campaigns.